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Whatever your current focus — Employee Engagement, Driving Change & Transformation, Diversity & Inclusion, mitigating Reputational Risk, Onboarding, or Offboarding - you need to empower your people.
Qwaybe gathers the pulse of your employee and processes data analysis, allowing managers to establish priorities and opportunities for improvements in the workplace.

With feedback analysis, Qwaybe letting you truly understand and take action on employee sentiment fast. Our experts help you analyze and interpret the needs of your employees so that you can create your action plan.
The Qwaybe platform creates space for employees to have a voice and helps companies easily gather frequent feedback for any engagement, transformation, or feedback initiative.
Create a customized feedback
We work with you to create a customized feedback strategy based on your defined goals.
Customized and well-researched questions allow for a comprehensive picture of your organization’s effectiveness.
As part of your project setup, you will be able to create questionnaires tailored to your needs but with the backing of external norms and benchmarks. Qwaybe will provide you with a survey or interview design as a starting point and then you decide on the final content.
customer satisfaction (B2B)
commitment to goals
compensation and benefits
employee churn
sustainable employability
employee experience
feedback 360
management Index
openness to change
organizational efficiency
remote work
team productivity
work atmosphere
See what benefits each participant has
Less work for you - we take most of the work out of your hands. Qwaybe experts are ready to help you.
One of the greatest benefits of conducting employee surveys is the improvement to morale that can happen and corporate culture.
When managers take the time to listen to the input of their team members, they can gain invaluable information to improve their department, work, and company.
This leads to greater satisfaction and overall higher morale.
Results help to encourage dialogues between managers and employees.
Surveys give employees the chance to feel heard.
The act of filling out a survey gives them a specific channel for expressing the voice.
Employee surveys offer a valuable opportunity for staff members to give feedback to managers and executives of the company.
An employee survey is a way to ask employees for ideas, opinions, and suggestions. This feedback can be about any aspect of the business, from how a person feels about their job to ideas to improve the company.
When a company implements an employee survey, it can learn important, honest information from the employees' point-of-view.
Our clients
We focus on the needs of our Clients and this stimulates the development of our product. We are already ready to offer solutions for both small teams that only build a culture of feedback in the organization, and for organizations with several tens of thousands of employees and requests for customized research.
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