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Feedback 360°
Qwaybe Feedback 360° helps develop your employees to suit organizational growth. Our feedback tools make it easy to capture qualitative and quantitative feedback so you can understand the competencies and potential of your employees better.
Qwaybe Feedback 360° integrates information on competencies, personality traits, and performance to create a single, powerful intervention. This unique approach delivers accurate feedback on individuals’ important workplace behaviors so that actionable development plans can be designed. It is used for:
  • workplace initiatives such as leadership development,
  • crucial manager-employee conversations,
  • performance improvement,
  • job enrichment,
  • work behavior alignment,
  • succession planning, and more.
Start with pre-built templates or customize your own to suit your needs, drive participation with automated notifications, and visualize results so individuals, managers, and HR team can identify areas for development.

We have an enterprise version of Qfeedback 360° that is designed specifically for feedback projects that involve larger numbers of participants. You can gather feedback on hundreds or even thousands of participants at the same time with surprisingly little administrative overhead.
Step by step
the survey preparation
during the survey
review of results
the survey preparation
We work with you to create a customized feedback strategy based on your defined goals. Surveys can take place at an organizational level annually or biannually, several times a year using pulse surveys, or when it is necessary and convenient at a team level.
during the survey
You have 24/7 access to survey progress and tracking on a single, easy-to-use platform.
Our survey experts provide dedicated support every step of the way to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

Raters work from a task list that shows the status of all feedback requests.
review of results
Action-oriented insights at an individual, team, or organizational level. Our convenient instant online reporting of findings is available 24/7.
Deep dive into people analytics for action-oriented insights at an individual, team, or organizational level. Determine focus areas for action using our guidance. Our trainers can assist in implementing the steps needed to create a performance environment.
See what benefits each participant has
Less work for you - we take most of the work out of your hands. Qwaybe experts are ready to help you.
One of the greatest benefits of conducting employee surveys is the improvement to morale that can happen and corporate culture.
When managers take the time to listen to the input of their subordinates, they can gain invaluable information to improve their department, work, and company.
The factor-based analysis helps leaders gain insight into the specific and actionable areas they can focus on in order to improve team member stability and performance, as well as compare themselves to similar teams or the organization as a whole.
Qwaybe feedback report helps the person understand his or her own personality from an outsider's perspective and development needs are revealed.
Powerfuul reports help managers and individuals align on strengths, areas for development, and provide clarity for follow up coaching conversations.

Additional benefits of 360-degree feedback to the team are increases communication between team members and support teamwork by involving team members in the development process
Analyze and understand your data with intuitive reporting at the organization team and personal levels.
When a company implements an employee survey, it can learn important, honest information from the employees' point-of-view. This process helps better career development for employees and drives training
Our clients
We focus on the needs of our Clients and this stimulates the development of our product. We are already ready to offer solutions for both small teams that only build a culture of feedback in the organization, and for organizations with several tens of thousands of employees and requests for customized research.
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