engagement surveys need to be conducted at the rate of change you are implementing.

For most companies, conducting their survey annually is probably just about right: This normally provides adequate time since your previous survey to communicate and act on the feedback. It allows you to benchmark progress and evaluate if your change initiatives have been effective against a backdrop of a changing economy and labor market, an annual survey can help you understand and better predict your staff turnover risks. If leaders and managers know that their team members will be invited to provide feedback in twelve months’ time, they are more likely to take responsibility for what they can influence and make positive changes. But none of this is to suggest that “just responding to surveys” is somehow driving positive change.
You can run them as often as you like, but typically most of the organisation we work with run them on a yearly basis.
There are several types of report:
— The individual development report. This report contains guidance and information to contextualise the information with the report. This report provides tips, advice, and questions to help the individual to improve their performance and to maximise the chances of the individual taking action and successfully changing their behaviors.
— Teams report. This report demonstrates the strengths of the teams and the areas to improve, highlights the role models in the team.
— Additional report for HR, which helps to identify areas for general corporate development
There is an option in the reports on the Qwaybe platform "comparison with the previous period". Even if earlier your company conducted a survey on its own or with another provider, we will import the data from the previous report.
The response rate for the number of people available on Monitoring page. The project coordinators from the Company have access to monitoring response rate 24/7
No, the 360 degree feedback report should be tailored for each level in the organisation. For those senior managers you would want to include statements that tap into the strategic or cultural use of the behaviour. For managers this is likely to be less relevant so you’d not include those statements. For individual contributors you have two options, either only use statements relevant to them, or to use something similar to the managers as a 360 degree feedback is also about identifying future potential.
Many organisations are in a similar position and it is for this reason that many want to work with Qwaybe. There are a number of ways that we can help. We have a reliable and validated competency Leadership behavior framework. It is derived from work carried out by B &roder.

The alternative approach is for us to work with you to define the specific competencies that are required and relevant for your company. We’ve designed many competency frameworks and the response from the organisations we have worked with is that they really make a difference. By creating a framework that uses your language and reflects your values.
Research shows (Gallup, 2017) that companies with higher engagement levels outperform their sectors by 17%, they have 26% greater employee productivity and have higher staff retention rates. The highly engaged employees are 79 percent more likely to be top performers; 72 percent of them exceed performance expectations and they miss 20 percent fewer days of work
The client can use his own feedback questionnaire. The client company have overall responsibility for the employee survey. Each time we run a survey we review the questions in conjunction with the organisations stakeholders. We also take on board feedback from previous surveys about the questions, latest best practices, whether the questions are relevant, and if there are any organisational changes or new initiatives that need to be measured.
Confidentiality is top-of-mind. Qwaybe will take the following measures in order to ensure respondent confidentiality: Online survey hosted on Qwaybe servers in Germany Qwaybe will provide only aggregated results, so nobody will see individual survey responses Qwaybe will not provide results for any group with fewer than 5 respondents (or the number of respondents will be agreed with the Client), individuals cannot be identified
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