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Employee Engagement
More than a survey tool. Qwaybe is a way to measure, understand, and act on employee engagement. Qwaybe offers a methodology that allows companies to gain insight into employee engagement and the factors that impact it.
We are measuring engagement and loyalty across the entire employee lifecycle, automatically prioritizing key drivers of engagement and experience so you can build strong teams, drive productivity, and reduce unwanted attrition.
  • Use Qwaybe’s assessments or customize questions for your unique culture.
  • Customize questions to trend your previous surveys within our platform.
  • Leverage Qwaybe for one major engagement survey or unlimited pulse surveys tailored to your needs.
Our customers approach employee engagement surveys as an annual event or more frequent surveys throughout the course of the year.
Step by step
the survey preparation
during the survey
review of results
the survey preparation
We work with you to create a customized feedback strategy based on your defined goals. Surveys can take place at an organizational level annually or biannually, several times a year using pulse surveys, or when it is necessary and convenient at a team level.
during the survey
You have 24/7 access to survey progress and tracking on a single, easy-to-use platform.
Our survey experts provide dedicated support every step of the way to make sure that everything goes according to plan.
review of results
Action-oriented insights at an individual, team, or organizational level. Our convenient instant online reporting of findings is available 24/7.
Deep dive into people analytics for action-oriented insights at an individual, team, or organizational level. Determine focus areas for action using our guidance. Our trainers can assist in implementing the steps needed to create a performance environment.
See what benefits each participant has
Less work for you - we take most of the work out of your hands. Qwaybe experts are ready to help you.
One of the greatest benefits of conducting employee surveys is the improvement to morale that can happen and corporate culture.
When managers take the time to listen to the input of their team members, they can gain invaluable information to improve their department, work, and company.
The factor-based analysis helps leaders gain insight into the specific and actionable areas they can focus on in order to improve team stability and performance, as well as compare themselves to similar teams or the organization as a whole.
Surveys give employees the chance to feel heard.
Employee surveys offer a valuable opportunity for staff members to give feedback to managers and executives of the company.
The act of filling out a survey gives them a specific channel for expressing the voice.
Analyze and understand your data with intuitive reporting at organization and team levels. An employee survey is a way to ask employees for ideas, opinions, and suggestions.
When a company implements an employee survey, it can learn important, honest information from the employees' point-of-view.
Our clients
We focus on the needs of our Clients and this stimulates the development of our product. We are already ready to offer solutions for both small teams that only build a culture of feedback in the organization, and for organizations with several tens of thousands of employees and requests for customized research.
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